Thursday, March 02, 2006

byFaith Notices

These notices are from byFaith newsletter:

2006 Fifty Days of Prayer

Each year Christian Education and Publications (CE&P) and Mission to North America (MNA) sponsor the 50 Days of Prayer for the PCA General Assembly and the ministry of the PCA. TE Mike Ross, pastor of Trinity Presbyterian in Jackson, MS, has written the devotional guide, which draws from James I. Packer’s Theology of Revival to highlight the patterns of God’s reviving work as presented in Scripture. This year’s devotional will guide readers through the promises, pictures, prayers, principles, patterns, problems of and prelude to revival. Each daily devotional also contains prayer requests from the PCA committees and agencies. The 50 days of prayer begins on May 4, the National Day of Prayer and goes through the end of the PCA General Assembly. The devotional entries will be available daily online at during the 50 days. To order the 50 Days of Prayer, click here or call 800-283-1357. The pre-order deadline is March 24; the devotional will be available April 5.

MTW and Ridge Haven Sponsor Conference on Seniors in Missions

Over 50 and wondering how God can use your seasoned gifts and life experience? The Prime Time Missions Conference will be April 24-28, 2006, sponsored by Mission to the World and Ridge Haven Conference Center, will help you explore the answer to that question. Speakers include TE Paul Kooistra, Coordinator of MTW, and TE Dan Iverson, MTW missionary in Japan. There will also be many seminars that will help you learn how you can be part of the growing movement of older adults who are making significant contributions to God's Kingdom. For information or to register, call 800-270-9932 or click here.

PCA Creation Study Review

In an essay, Creation Study Redux, RE Ray Williams recalls the diversity-of-views position adopted by the 2000 PCA General Assembly regarding the duration of the creation-day in Genesis 1. The adopted position is analyzed in light of today’s Intelligent Design/Evolution debate and makes some suggestions regarding possible future action. To read the essay, click here.


Blogger pduggie said...

Interesting. If I were to throw out the historictity of the creation account of genesis 1 (which I'm not about to do) I'd have to say that I see little reason not to throw out the special creation of eve, the fall, flood, etc, as well.

Many of the arguments that posit gen 1's non-historicity seem to rely on positing obvious contradictions between Gen 1 and Gen 2 (the creation of plants, etc). I can't help but viewing the two stories as stories that making sense as a coherent whole. They go together as a narratative and in their historical character.

I'm sure presbyterian theology could get over a loss of special creation of Adam and Eve and a historical fall just as easily as it can accomodate long years of creation and vague handwaving about what got made in what order and when

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