Thursday, February 09, 2006

Vision for the City

Saw this email David Apple is sending to Philadelphia church planters. It did not take him long to get something going:

A year into planning our March 10-12 urban missions conference, our speaker Mo Leverett has had to cancelled. Our biggest question: How will God use this for his glory and the benefit of his church? We prayed and God has shown us.

We now have a new theme: “Vision for the City.” Bill Krispin is speaking Friday night on Philadelphia, its changes and opportunities for mission/ministry. Saturday morning would focus on the biblical imperative and strategies for urban church planting (many ethnicities reaching the nations).

By the way, be sure to make Bill Krispin's talk Friday night. It will be about Philadelphia. This man is a walking encyclopedia and history book about Philadelphia. You will go away more informed and more inspired than you've ever been about what God is doing and will do in this city.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Could you please provide some biographical information on Bill Krispin? I'll admit my ignorance (anonymously, ha) - I don't know the name. Thanks.

9:03 PM  
Anonymous christiana said...

Bill is the executive director of CityNet.
CityNet's mission statement is:

To plant and support Gospel-centered churches that will reproduce themselves, engage in a ministry of word and deed in their particular communities, and participate in cooperative ministries, all to accomplish what can only happen in partnership with others.

You can listen to an mp3 of his vision for church planting
by clicking on the resource center link on the citynet site.

9:23 AM  

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