Monday, November 07, 2005


Counting our KUC guests, we had a little over 200 people present from the Missions Rally. I would have liked to have seen 500. Even so, it is an improvement from the missions banquet which capped attendance at 180 and then still saw people leaving when the program began.
The prayer groups had 50+ in attendance, a bit better than the five who normally attend.

Now then, how successful the conference is lies not in participation at the conference, but afterwards. The goal is to get 20 people on average to attend the Sunday 5:30 missions prayer meeting and 15 people on average to attend the Friday 12:15-12:45 prayer meeting.

I urge you to sign up for one of these meetings. You will be saying that you will attend at least monthly. This is not a vow that commits you to sin if you miss a month. Signing up serves two purposes:
1) Encourages you to commit to corporate prayer for the sake of God's kingdom;
2) Encourages others to commit when they see your names.

When you get to the church, go to Reception Hall and sign up on the Missions Conference Poster hanging on the south side wall. If you have a small group, sign up your group to adopt a missionary, which commits you to praying for that missionary when you meet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

May I suggest beginning another prayer group on a weekday? 5:30 on a Sunday is difficult for people involved in evening ministries such as choir to get to, and the lunch-time one is impossible for many working people to get to. Friday at 4:30 or 5 pm might be more accessible.

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