Friday, November 11, 2005

A Mouse!

There is at least one little furry mouse running about in our condo. We could hear him this morning under the sink, but I couldn't find him. I plugged up holes and then left. Ginger just called. She saw him running about along the walls. Will keep you posted on The Great Mouse Adventure!


Anonymous lmsalim said...

if you weren't around during aaron messner's mouse adventure in delancey, ask him about it. it's a great story!

1:52 PM  
Anonymous Susan said...

May the Lord be with you as you pursue your furry little intruder... we, too, are engaged in raging battle against mousedom. A friend just told us that snap traps loaded with steel wool and peanut butter does the trick. (They have to tug at the wool to get the PB and SNAP!) I'm going to try that next.

12:04 AM  
Blogger Jesse Hubley said...

We had a mouse problem at our house that was particularly bad in the fall and spring for the first two years we lived in our house. I caught many mice with many different kinds of traps and bait, but eventually the mice got too smart for me, and the more we caught the more came in! Finally, I swallowed my mouse-catching pride and we hired an exterminator. They used poison traps that were very effective. Within a matter of days, the mice died out, and have yet to return (or they are returning and dying before we see them).

Hopefully your problem is not as bad as ours, but if it is, the $85 investment in an exterminator was much more worthwhile than my 2-year mousecapade.

Only God in His sovereignty knows why He would instruct Noah to save 2 mice on the ark (maybe someone more theologically advanced than I could take a stab at that one?), but in any event, I'm not a huge fan of cohabitating with them...

9:47 AM  

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