Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Here is statistical information from last night's Trustees' meeting: average attendance through July is 1,432; by service it is 374 (9:00), 782 (11:00), 276 (6:30). The average giving per attender is $23.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

About the statistics -- how do the numbers include children? (both attending & giving stats).

10:33 AM  
Blogger pduggie said...

Yeah, I was thinking $23 sounded low, but you can multiply it by 3-4 for an average household size, and multiplty it by 4 again for a whole month (some people get paid on different schedules).

Or is there some unspoken rule that income proprotional offerings (tithes) should still be given weekly even if pay is paid with a different frequency?

1:37 PM  
Blogger M Clark said...

Children sitting in the worship service with their families during the sermon are counted. That would include families in the Catacombs lounge area. So a baby sitting in his mother's lap needs to ante up!

There are no unspoken rules that have been spoken to me about giving practices. Our Senior Pastor, will place an amount in the plate as a worship exercise though his actual tithing is given according to when paycheck is received. I usually do the same. I occasionally take up offering in the evening and will go several pews without anything placed in. Undoubtedly most gave in the morning or according to their pay schedules, but when so few give it does look a little embarrassing.

By the way, our average giving per attender has increased even with the addition of attenders, including children.

2:33 PM  
Anonymous jbible said...

As far as giving weekly - I think that it is helpful to do as an act of worship, though obviously there is no "rule" concerning this. As Caroll reminded us from the book of Revelation (5:11) last week, one thing that is due to God in worship is our wealth. Even though I am paid 2 times a month, I try to give something every week I attend church in order to honor God with my money. (Though don't give in both AM and PM services. I put it in the oak box if I am not seated during the collection.)

On the figure of $23 / week. I had seen this figure a few years ago and was surpised by it, but I was told that one has to consider the number of students attending the church who may not have any significant employment. The RE I was speaking with said that not counting students, the figure is much higher.

3:43 PM  

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