Friday, August 05, 2005

Koop and Tenth

Here is another exerpt from Koop:

It was Erna Goulding, a valued friend and a nurse at Children's Hospital, who sensed that I was searching for spiritual meaning. One evening, as Betty and I left our apartment to attend the musical program that attracted many to the First Baptist Church in center city Philadelphia, Erna sugggested we walk a block beyond the Baptist Church and go to the evening service of the Tenth Presbyterian Church. She thought I would appreciate the intellectual approach to Christianity offered by its minister, Donal Grey Barnhouse. But we did not take her suggestion.

The next Sunday, however,I finished grand rounds early, and I found my feet taking me to the Tenth Presbyterian Church, just a few blocks north of the hospital. I entered the back door and quietly slipped up to the balcony. I was just going to observe. I liked what I saw, and I was fascinated by what I heard. I saw the congregation respond willingly and generously to social needs; this was no empty religion. I heard teaching from one of the most learned men I ever knew, a true scholar who also possessed a gift of illustrating the complexity - and simplicity - of Christian doctrine by remarkable and incised stories and similes. I was interested enough to go back the next Sunday morning. And then just a few hours later I returned for the evening service. I did that each Sunday for two years, and except when I was out of town I never missed a morning or evening service... After about seven mounths, I realized that I had become a participant and not just an observer; what made sense to that congregation made sense to me as well.

(Dr. Koop then gives a full gospel presentation.)


Blogger Paul said...

Dr. Koop was far more than a participant in the congregation, he has been a pillar! His faithful service as an Elder is, dare I say, unmatched. His very earliest act of service was to offer medical advice alongside his usual seat in the amen pews. Eventually, God used him in even greater ways and he began to shepherd the congregation from that same spot with spiritual care. His ministry grew beyonf the pew however as he becamne active with Eternity magazine and lived out his faith before his patients and thier families. I would not be here today were it not for Dr. Kooop and my family members would not know Christ as we do were it not for the ministry of him and his family to mine.

Dr. Koop nurtured my family to faith even from the day I was born. It was a day he has recounted my mother as saying "It was tne worst day and the best day in my life." The worst day because I was born with so many physical problems and the best day because that day my mother was thrust upon trusting Christ as she had never done before in her life.

For all that Dr. Koop has done among us, it woulfd be a tragedy not to notice the power of a godly witness in the workplace as evidenced by the faithfulness of Erna Goulding in the place the Lord had put her.

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