Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Staff Report

I just came out of the general staff meeting. Pat Canavan reported that roof work is moving along on schedule. The workers begin brick pointing. They are also cleaning out a good half-foot layer of bird "debris" from the upper tower room. He also delivered the exciting news that the General Fund giving deficit, which last Sunday showed nearly 98,000, will this Sunday show less than $5,000.

The Ryken family start vacation next week and will be gone four weeks. Part of Phil's vacation will be working on translating a book on pastoral ministry from Latin to English. Jonathan leads a group visiting in the Mediterranean leaving Friday. Carroll leaves Sunday to teach at a youth camp. If you see this before 3:00, pray for Bruce who will be sharing the gospel with a young man at that time. Oh, Jonathan is deliriously happy over Bobby Abreu's homeroom derby championship last night.


Anonymous christiana said...

that's great news about the budget!

2:04 PM  

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