Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Breakfast With the Nations

From Tenth member Jessie Yang:
This Sunday there will be an Outreach prayer calendar in the bulletin to help the family of God at Tenth join in prayer for other members of God's family throughout the world.   For many years, I would see the prayer calendar and leave it behind at church.  I had tried praying through the guide, but would misplace it or just forget to pray.  So I gave up trying to do this, although I would kind of feel guilty when I left the calendar at church or threw it out when I got home.  Maybe you can relate?  Maybe it seems like just "one more thing?"

But my husband and I finally found a way to make the prayer calendar fit in our lives, and so I wanted to share that for anyone who has had a similar experience to mine. We thought about something we do every day and then integrated using the Outreach prayer calendar. The thing we do every day is eat; particularly we eat breakfast at home. Now we keep the calendar on our table and when we say grace at breakfast we pray for the request listed for the day.  So we eat breakfast with the nations: remembering those around the world who serve and who are our brothers and sisters. It's been a great way to connect to what God is doing in the world and to be encouraged by seeing His working. If you are like me, leaving your prayer calendar behind, this month please take it home and integrate it into your everyday life. You will not regret it.


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