Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sunday Services 8/25/2013

Join us this Sunday for our services.
AM (9 & 11): Dr. Liam Goligher preaching, “Fill the Earth and Subdue It” (Acts 1:1–11). Hymns: O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing; How Vast the Benefits Divine; The Lord Will Come and Not Be Slow.
PM (Soli Deo Gloria 6:15): Sarah Seaman, flute/piano; Judy Seaman, clarinet; Danielle Seaman, violin
(6:30): Dr. Liam Goligher preaching, “Redeeming Ruth” (Ruth 4:1–22). Hymns: Ye Servants of God, Your Master Proclaim; I Greet Thee, Who My Sure Redeemer Art; Of the Father’s Love Begotten.


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