Monday, July 01, 2013

New Free Parking

Tenth is offering free Sunday parking in the Liberty Place Garage, beginning July 7. It is north of Chestnut Street, from 16th to 17th Street. Both numbered streets have entrances/exits.

How does it work?
1. The church has purchased chaser tickets (discount coupons) at a greatly reduced rate from the Liberty Place Garage. These may only be used on Sundays.

2. Enter the garage from either 16th Street (northbound) or 17th Street (southbound), taking the ticket from the machine as usual.

3. Attend worship at Tenth.

4. Right after the service, go to a volunteer in Reception Hall, who will be found at a tall table in the southeast corner during these times only: • 10:15–10:45 AM after the 9:00 AM service • 12:15–12:45 PM after the 11:00 AM service • 7:45–8:15 PM after the 6:30 PM service

5. Show the volunteer your garage ticket, and he/she will give you a chaser ticket.

6. Take your garage ticket and the chaser ticket back to the garage. (Note that when you get to the garage, you do not need to use the machines near the elevators to pay.)

7. Get your car and drive to an exit on either 16th Street (northbound) or 17th Street (southbound).

8. Insert the garage ticket into the machine first, followed by the chaser ticket. This will serve as full payment, and the exit gate will open.

What times can we use this garage?
1. This parking lasts all day Sunday. This can cover situations like early services (Easter Sunrise) and rehearsals.

2. You can stay between services, like we have been able to do on numbered streets.

3. You can participate in activities after evening worship. You just can’t stay past Sunday!

How are we paying for this? The initial funding will come from the Church Ministry Budget. We have also set up a Parking Fund to which contributions may be made. Those who wish to contribute for this (in addition to current contributions) must do so by way of a designated offering. The donations (we checked with tax consultants) are tax deductible, as they provide the same service that churches maintaining their own parking lots provide. The church is paying $3 per ticket.

How else can I help? We still need volunteers to help for all services on Sundays. You can sign up when you pick up vouchers, or you can go to and link from the home page to sign up.


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