Monday, July 08, 2013

Household Items for Sale

Household items to sell, if interested call Anu at 215-206-3683 or e-mail
Measurements are estimated and price is not set.

1. Collapsible table – almost like a folding table with an attached unit for a computer comes with a chair. 30
2.White shelve unit w five levels 5 feet tall a foot wide good for bathroom and small narrow areas. 20
3.Ikea book shelf wooden (pine)? 4 levels tall I think 3.5 feet wide. Good for book or clothing 35
4.Ikea small dresser with three draws blue good for socks and undies. 25
5.Black steel shelves  2 units has two shelves each 20 or both for 30.
6.White cubbies 4 by 2 boxes 3.5 feet high 2 feet wide 20
7.White cubbies 3 by 3 boxes 3.5 feet high and wide  2
8.Shoe rack two levels white  10
9.Wooded table 3 by3 feet. 75
10.Black futon good condition 75
11.Viso black  32 inch TV M320NV  200 or best offer
12.Fridge 100
13.Washer and dryer 75 each
14.CD and DVD wire rack 10
15.Dust buster two with one charger 30
16.AC unit for living room with climate control 125
17.AC unit for bed room no climate control  75 heater  for a small room 15

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