Monday, March 04, 2013

Koop Resolution

(The following resolution was prepared by the Session of Tenth at its meeting of February 26, 2013 and read this past Sunday in the morning worship services. A memorial service is scheduled for April 6, 2:00pm at Tenth.)

                           TENTH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Session Resolution for Dr. C. “Chick” Everett Koop

Invited to Tenth (by Erna Goulding) during their time in Philadelphia, both Betty and “Chick” came to know the Lord through the preaching ministry of Dr. Donald Grey Barnhouse.
Quickly absorbing spiritual truth and in a desire to involve their children in Scripture memorization and Tenth’s Bible school, Betty and “Chick” began maturing through their own study of the Word of God.  In 1952, “Chick” was elected a ruling elder of Tenth and, with a sharp memory for names and personal details, diligently pastored members of the church through visits and phone calls, even while serving the nation in Washington D.C.  Dr. Koop consistently and clearly annunciated his faith in Jesus Christ whether in personal conversations, public speeches on health related issues, or crafting public policies for government consideration.  And now…

Whereas Dr. Koop served with distinction as an elder at Tenth, and

Whereas Dr. Koop was known as an outstanding, courageous and innovative surgeon serving in Philadelphia at the Children’s Hospital saving many lives, expanding pediatric medicine, and

Whereas Dr. Koop went on to serve this nation in the Public Health Service Corp as Surgeon General, shining a light on issues of great medical concerns within our country and around the world, and

Whereas Dr. Koop after public service continued to serve and crusade on medical issues affecting people around the world, and

Whereas Dr. Koop was known for his friendly, godly, engaging personality, and now has been called home by His Loving Lord whom he served so well,

Therefore, let it be resolved this Twenty-Sixth day of February 2013 that the Session of Tenth Presbyterian Church, offers great praise to our Sovereign God for Dr. C. Everett Koop’s faithful life and ministry in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and pray that his wife and family may share in his legacy and blessing throughout their lives .

With honor to the Lord for his life and ministry,

Albert Fink
Clerk of Session and the Elders of Tenth Presbyterian Church


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