Friday, April 15, 2011

Help Wanted at Handi*Camp

Handi*Camp (for people with disabilities) is looking for staff members (paid positions):
  • RNs or LPNs as assistant nurses for many of their six weeks (two in PA - May 30-June 3, June 6-10; 4 in NJ - June 13-18, June 20-24, June 27-July 1, July 3-8). Many of their assistants just work one week.
  • Counselors - MEN NEEDED - ideally for full six weeks, but sometimes shorter periods are available (some women counselors for a few of our weeks are needed, too)
  • Continuing to pray for God to provide their next nurse manager (RN) - this is a missionary position, although could have part-time outside nursing employment to supplement support; option to receive spring/summer salary instead of missionary position.
  • Looking for folks to form a couple of new one-week cooking teams for some of their NJ sessions - cooks and assistants.
Check out their website. Contact Brian Robinson for more information about these opportunities via e-mail or 717-859-4777.

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