Thursday, February 17, 2011

Burnt Ground

I read this in Liam Goligher's book, The Jesus Gospel, this morning:

Quite a few years ago our younger son Andrew and I went to investigate a fire that someone had started in a park near where we live. We were feeling very responsible and decided that we should try and put the fire out, but it kept on moving towards us and the smoke was getting into our eyes.
I lifted Andrew over the flames into the burnt area and jumped over beside him. Once we were on the burnt ground on the other side of the flames, we were able to put the fire out without any trouble at all. We were safe there because once the fire has burned the ground, it cannot burn it again.

Because Jesus has already endured the judgment of God, anyone who puts their trust in Jesus is standing on the burnt ground of Calvary. The judgment has passed; there is no fear of judgment any more. That's why Christians can say "No condemnation now I dread," because the work has been done by Jesus on the cross. Those who trust in Christ can never come into condemnation again.


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Praise be unto GOD!!

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