Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Pastoral Selection Committee Update

The PSC has sent this update. There will also be a Tenth Press article November 28.

The fall has been busy for the pastoral selection committee!  While we are conscious of the confidentiality of our meeting content, here is a sense of the process we have engaged in over the last several months: 
* prayer!  prayer as a group, individual prayer, prayer requests communicated to our prayer partners, and prayer updates in the bulletin
* weekly committee meetings or tele-conferences
* suggestions and council sought from friends of Tenth who are knowledgeable and well-connected in the evangelical world
* nominations from others evaluated and pursued
* many applications and resumes read, evaluated, and discussed
* many sermons uploaded, listened to, and evaluated
* letters of regret sent
* phone and personal interviews conducted

Throughout this time, we have sought the right balance between waiting on the Lord and doing due diligence, while also moving the process along to achieve our objective of a new senior minister. We are excited and encouraged by the possibilities the Lord has graciously provided, and covet your continued prayers for wisdom and discernment. Please pray also for the congregations/ministries who may be asked to give up a beloved pastor, and for working of the Holy Spirit in the lives of the men we are considering.


Blogger Judith Sue Mattson said...

Thank you so much for this update. Now I will know how to pray!

6:24 PM  

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