Thursday, March 26, 2009

Humanist Nostalgia

"Give me that old time humanism when humanists once believed in something noble," bemoans one humanist old-timer...more


Blogger Isaiah5811 said...

What a thought-provoking article! How unfortunate …. Or should I say, un-blessed were those of the humanists of days gone by who could actually be “good” people by their own initiative. I consider it a blessing that I have never been able to “fix” my ugly behavior. That is the very thing that brought me to the end of myself and to Christ, who has wonderfully redeemed my life!!!

Our enemy is so wiley. People most likely wouldn’t have been able to accept the ideas of New Humanism way back in the 1940’s and 50’s. That would have been too big of a stretch away from what they were used to. However, what they did embrace appears to have been a steppingstone to where we now are in our society.

True happiness can never be found apart from God; however, as long as people think that they are in control and are finding happiness they will not turn to God. In fact, they could easily conclude that those who live for God extremely deprived and miserable specimens of the human race.

True Christians should be the happiest people alive because GOD is in control of every single thing that happens to us, right down to the tiniest detail. Nothing escapes His notice. Therefore, we should NEVER complain! Although there are times when painful and unpleasant things happen to us and we feel the pain and discomfort, we can still praise the God in heaven who is on our side and who will never abandon us. I am so glad that there is a God!!! I’m so grateful that I’m not living in the delusion of humanism old or new.

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