Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Dear Phil

Dear Phil,

Thank you for your inspiring sermons on the meaninglessness of pursuing wisdom and pleasure. I see too that work will also be included in the list. But what about sports? I mean, wouldn't winning the World Series or the Super Bowl or just ANY championship for a Philadelphian provide meaning in life?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Marion,
Please accept my sympathies that it has been so long since any of the teams you support has played for a championship of any kind (unless you count South Carolina's back-to-back appearances in the NIT). Your question is a good one, though. As I think back to watching the St. Louis Cardinals win the World Series, or the Boston Celtics win the NBA championship, or the Chicago Bears play for the Super Bowl, I would have to say that I experienced some earthly pleasure. It only lasts for a season, though. So I have discovered that this, too, is vanity and a striving after wind.
Phil Ryken

8:31 AM  

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