Thursday, July 17, 2008

Boice Preaching Test

Let's test your Boice Preaching knowledge. I'll give the answers tomorrow in the comments section.

1. What is the last book of the Bible Dr. Boice was preaching?

2. Dr. Boice preached nine sermons on these two verses, each time making the congregation recite them out loud.

3. It is from this chapter of a book he never preached through, that Dr. Boice found the biblical basis for his own commitment to stay in the city.

4. It is the first book he preached through at Tenth.

5. What book claims the record for most sermons by Dr. Boice?

6. Before the NIV translation, what translation did Dr. Boice preach through?

7. He began preaching through this book in the evening, but completed it in the morning.

8. What three chapters in the gospels were preached through twice in separate sermon series?

9. What is Dot Boersma's favorite sermon series of Dr. Boice?

10. How many Bible books did Dr. Boice complete?


Blogger M Clark said...

1. Revelation
2. Romans 12:1-2
3. Jeremiah 32 (verses 36-41)
4. Philippians
5. Gospel of John (270)
6. KJV
7. Psalms
8. Matthew 5-7
9. The Minor Prophets
10. 31

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