Friday, April 04, 2008

Tenth Books

I am finishing up another book by a Tenth member - Here I Am, Send Me, by Bryce Bartruff. It is a manual on how to recruit and train volunteers. This will be my third book in the past month by a Tenth member, the others being A Quest for More, by Paul Tripp, and Heart-Cry, by Arlita Winston.

This got me to wondering how many books have been written by Tenth members, present and past. I've been making a list and am up to 87 books. I have yet to count Phil's books, Scottie Olds', and those of Howard Vos.

I noticed that the church library has a section of Tenth authors. Check it out sometime.


Blogger s duggan said...

Thanks for the plug Marion, when you have a chance could you or any 10th author who has written books appropriate for the library please send my your list, that way I can check it twice and see what I need to add (or what I need to budget to add in 2009). I don't want to leave anyone out but it is hard to keep up with such a creative bunch. I have recently had a couple of 10th authors donate copies of thier book, that is always greatly appreiciated by me and my budget!

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