Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Praying Tours

February 17 will feature “Praying Tours” immediately following the 11 am service. These brief 30-minute gatherings will enable you to learn more about the campaign projects and lift them up in prayer. These will be held three Sundays (2/17, 3/2, 4/6). You can choose from one of six projects, each led by a pastoral staff person and elder and other knowledgeable person.

1. Facility Improvements - meet in the Catacombs
2. Digital organ - meet in the choir loft
3. Property Acquisition - meet at 18th Street Amen Pews
4. Elevator - meet at nursery off Reception Hall
5. Global Outreach - meet in 1West off Delancey lobby
6. Church Planting - meet in 2West, second floor of Delancey


Blogger C.Brubaker said...

What a great idea! This is an exciting time to be at and part of Tenth Church.
Now I just have to figure out HOW to split myself into 3 or more parts to go to all the tours! hmmm...
Thanks for the info..I'll pass it along to people I know who DON'T read the Blog. (I must admit I have friends who don't read it, but I have to say I can't IMAGINE how they get alongwithout it!):>)

12:34 PM  

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