Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sparrows Saturday

Sparrows will be having our winter event this Saturday, January 26 in Fellowship Hall from 1:00-3:00. Sparrows in an intergenerational ministry for women, teen gals and girls ages five and up. Teens and women are especially encouraged to come to assist the younger girls with the craft.

Earline Schmid (the Bible School attendance taker!), will be our devotional speaker. Our craft will be making tea candle holders with glass jars, tissue paper, ribbon and modpodge! The tea candles are included too!

There will be coffee, juice and snacks to enjoy as our projects dry. No reservation is needed for this event...just come! If you have any questions about Sparrows you can contact Dori at


Blogger s duggan said...

We will be there with bells on!! I don't know that I've missed more then a couple of these events since Dori started the ministry 10 years ago. I used to go as a person with no child of my own and got to know many women and girls of the chruch this way. Some of those girls are now in highschool and still come to help the younger girls. Now one of those girls being helped is my daughter and I have the joy of watching her get to know others in our church while I help and meet others. Thank you Dori for your ongoing love and commitment to the girls and women of our church through this ministry.

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