Monday, November 05, 2007


Movie critic Andrew Fletcher sent this review in of the new movie "Bella."

Susan and I just saw "Bella". It is a fabulous movie... It won the top prize at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2006 --very well deserved in my opinion. I think it would be something you might like to feature on the blog, as it has a powerful pro-life message (upholding traditional Judeo-Christian/Biblical family values), but also is extremely well done aesthetically/artistically. It is something that our entire congregation would enjoy and could be used to reinforce or strengthen convictions with regard to the value of adoption. I warn you in advance that anyone who goes to see it should be prepared to have their heart strings profoundly moved!

For movie critic Roger Ebert's review, click here.

For movie critic Ruthe Stein's review in the San Francisco Chronicle.


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World Magazine has an excellent review and write up of the backstory.

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