Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Curators Report

The curators reported "great pleasure at the successful completion of several important improvements in the church buildings. Three new rooms have been added to the Sunday School room of west side, for library & Bible Class Room which with the young ladies' Bible Class Room & Infant School have all been arranged as to be thrown into one, when so wanted, making a Sunday School Room unsurpassed in beauty and convenience - the whole being carpeted with the same pattern producing a fine effect. The conception, execution, and provision of funds of this great improvement is due to Mr. W. Henry Grant, a young member of the church who deserves great credit for his efficiency. Mr. James Johnston of our church has done his part faithfully and performed his work according to contract. With the approbation of Mr. John McArthur, Jr., the committee has had the platform of the pulpit lowered about three feet - with the work made necessary by this alteration, it has proved to be a serious job, but has been done under the direction of Mr. S. McClellan in most satisfactory manner and appears to meet universal approval."

From Trustees minutes, October 4, 1882


Blogger C.Brubaker said...

They LOWERED the pulpit platform by three feet?? WOW! It is hard to picture the pulpit that much higher in the air...
Thanks for posting these historical is really great to be able to read about all the changes....

1:15 AM  
Blogger M Clark said...

Good thing too. Aaron Messner would not have been able to stand up straight!

4:55 PM  

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