Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ruth Floyd Article

Here is link to a City Paper article about Ruth Naomi Floyd. If you read, be sure to read the comment for this posting which clarifies some of the statements.


Blogger M Clark said...

(Keith R. McKinley, a Tenth member, who participated in being interviewed for this article sent in these comments to clarify some statements in the article.)

Several of the quotes in this article are presented out of context and are at best; "misinterpretations" of what was actually said.

First, what I was trying to convey to the writer was that Ms. Floyd was at the end of her "grassroots" existence and that as her manager, I was no longer going to promote or market her work to the secular jazz media or secular jazz industry after the release of her Root to the Fruit CD. I tried to explain to the writer that based on my experience (and in my professional opinion) it is conspicuous that Ms.Floyd’s “jazz" work is not addressed in depth in comparison to her secular peers. Hence, I offered the writer my opinion as to the reasons for the disparate treatment.

Ms. Floyd did not say that she was "tired of preaching." Rather, she said that she was no longer going to take the time to explain the historical theological basis of her music to people who are unwilling to accept historical evidence.

Ms. Floyd did not say that she was changing her music theologically to reflect a more "subtle religiosity...” To the contrary, Ms. Floyd said that the aesthetics of her music was going to change slightly to reflect that she is now composing using computer technology. Ms. Floyd did not say that the text was going to change.--The writer completely misunderstood Ms. Floyd's remarks in this area.

Without offering an opinion of the "editorial slant" this article ultimately offered the reading public; please allow this comment to provide some clarity as to what I know was actually said during the interviews for this article.

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