Friday, August 11, 2006


If you have not visited the new Testimonies page at the church website, start making it a weekly habit. Dot Boersma is adding testimonies as she receives and finds them. You can click the link on the right - Testimonies - or go to the About Tenth section of the website and click Testimonies on the left hand column. About you sending in your testimony to share? Here is what's on the page now.

The Enduring Word of the Lord
This story of God's enduring Word initially appeared as a Tenth Press article July 30, 2006.

God’s Grace in a Struggle with Secret Sin
This story of God's grace initially appeared as a Tenth Press article March 19, 2006.

Grace in Affliction
This story of God's grace in affliction first appeared as a Tenth Press article June 26, 2005.

From Victim to Servant
This is the testimony of a Tenth member who is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. It first appeared as a Tenth Press article on March 14, 2004.

Sophie's Story
This is the story of a family's trust in God as their rock through a difficult pregnancy. It was a Tenth Press article December 16, 2001.

Dr. Boice's Testimony
Dr. Boice gave this testimony May 7, 2000, after learning of his cancer diagnosis.

City Center Academy Graduation Speech
This was given by Samuel Riggs as the salutatory address at City Center Academy's graduation on June 17, 2006.

These testimonies were given at a Sparrows breakfast in 2006.
Abby, age 14
Allison, age 14
Danielle, age 14
Gabriella, age 12
Hannah, age 15
Kira, age 14
Madeleine, age 12
Robin, age 15
Sarah, age 14


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The kids testimonies are quite intelligent. I'm encouraged.


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