Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Water Works

There is a wonderful new permanent exhibit - The Fairmount Water Works Interpretive Center. It is located under the water works behind the Art Museum and is free. Ginger and I toured it on Saturday. Click here to see the website. You homeschoolers definitely will have to put this on your field trip list. A new restaurant will be opening up there soon.

Also, the Art Museum will be building a 440 parking garage behind the museum, mostly underground and covered over with a sculpture garden. We viewed the plans a couple of nights ago. Looks good. Actually, it took us awhile to even figure out the location of the garage because of the landscaping. They hope to begin construction in the fall and will take two years.


Anonymous Jessie said...

I had a great time there myself.

It's really a fun time - and I think it's free. Another bonus!

9:03 AM  
Blogger Joe Brydges said...

It's great to see this historic structure restored and I can't wait for the restaurant to open. I have been talking about this for many years on my Fairmount Park tour. I've been in the building several times before the renovations and seen the plans for the restorations. I even drove the Mayor to the fire scene when the water works was damaged by fire during the restoration process. Marion thanks for the plug for the homeschoolers.

8:13 AM  

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