Monday, February 27, 2006

WGM Fire

This message concerning WGM was sent to me:

Whosoever Gospel Mission suffered a fire this weekend. The fire was in the sorting/production area, the area full of all their donations, and because of the water damage and then the broken windows in the shelter, that area is also a mess. Because they have been under the grandfather clause which allowed them to not have to install additional fire exits, and now those exits no longer exist, the shelter is closed. They currently are covered under their insurance, but that $ amount will obviously increase, including the time it would take to fix what is broken. The homeless men are temporarily in another shelter in southwest Philly somewhere, but the WSE still needs prayer. Yesterday was also their grand opening for their new thrift location on Rising Sun Ave.

Pray for the mission and its director, Bob Emberger, as they regroup.


Anonymous lmsalim said...

the sister of a friend of mine has worked there for years. my friend told me the following:

she dispatched ron to tell everyone that pretty much "the mission has no program at present".
oh, btw, the store in the northeast which had just moved, was only open for one day.
and in that day, it made $2,000.
and they'll still need to pay rent whether they have it open or not.

pray for the men the mission was and could be serving. pray for the many workers of the mission. pray that they can get the thrift store up and running again soon. and please pray for my friend's sister, heather. on top of this, she's running into some difficulties with getting a women's mission in olney started.

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