Friday, January 06, 2006

Women's Ministry in the Local Church

I see in reformation21 that Ligon Duncan and Susan Hunt have a book coming out on women's ministry. Here are the postings about it, including Phil's comments.

Ligon Duncan and Susan Hunt have a book coming out this week on women's ministry. They write: "The purpose of this book is to strengthen Christ’s Church by presenting a practical theology of women’s ministry in the local church."The book will answer five fundamental questions:
Why should a church have a women’s ministry—what is the biblical apologetic?
Who is responsible for the women’s ministry in a church?
How does a women’s ministry relate to the other ministries in a church?
What are the tasks of a women’s ministry?
How does a church implement a biblical approach to women’s ministry?
You can read the endorsements, table of contents, and chapter 1 online for free.

Phil Ryken's comments:
I had the privilege of reading an advance copy of Ligon's and Susan Hunt's new book on women's ministry in the local church and give it my wholehearted recommendation. I am not aware of any other resource that so effectively gives a biblical rationale for women's ministry without distorting the overall shape of the local church -- putting women's ministry in its proper context.


Anonymous C. Brubaker said...

After reading the intro and part of the first chapter ( thanks Marion, for the link), I am looking forward to reading this book! The Tenth Women's Sunday School Class has read and discussed a number of Susan Hunts' books (or book reccomendations)over the past 10 years. Leadership for Women in the Church, Spiritual Mothering, By Design, The True Woman, and Treasures of Encouragement, are the ones I remember. Each of these books have been quite helpful in encouraging the spiritual growth of the "Women in the Church" at Tenth. This new one looks as though it will continue and even deepen the challenge of the previous books.!

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