Saturday, August 27, 2005

New Tenth Champion

My first ping-pong match was with Aaron Messner. He proved to be a capable player, though could not keep up in the end. Next came Aaron Snethen, who has talent but not the veteran experience needed to keep up with an old pro. I warmed up with two wins against him. Then came Bruce "The Slammer" McDowell, replete in his new Four Spiritual Laws, multi-colored shirt. He managed to test me, even holding the lead for most of the game; nevertheless, he also went down. I rested after that. Bruce, meanwhile, took on Phil and beat him twice. With greater confidence, he took me on again, only to find I had now warmed up and was even more formidable. I warmed up again with Aaron Snethen, then took on Phil. It proved to be the most competitive of all the matches, close the whole way until we arrived at a 20-20 tie. Who would blink first? Blink, Phil did. Thus, I finished the day 7-0. The old man has still got game.


Blogger s duggan said...

Some how it conjur's up a David and Goliath sermon illustration to picture you facing off with Aaron Messner. But hey "you rock".

9:11 PM  

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