Thursday, July 21, 2005

Perilous Plumbing

I am taking the day off today, tackling two plumbing projects - replacing faucet systems on our two sinks. That is the goal, anyhow. What should take an hour, I suspect will take the entire day, and may require paying someone who actually knows what he is doing. But, really, what could go wrong?


Blogger Mrs Hill's Little Boy Freddie said...

As long as you can have a good, non-leaking shut-off upstream of the faucet, the job isn't usually too difficult. I like teflon tape over pipe dope; it's slicker, seals well as it easier use. I replace the supply hook-up with a flexible, nylon reinforced hook-up. It's very forgiving. Just be sure to get the right connection and length. You don't really want them to be overly long; looks bad. I make the direct connections to the fixture before installing the it on the sink to avoid the otherwise inevitable banging up of your knuckles in very confining space.

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