Thursday, June 30, 2005

Room Needed

Robert Polen, who will be attending Westminster Seminary in the fall and serving at a Tenth intern, sent this inquiry: "I was just wondering if there were any single guys, even in the college group, in the church who were looking for a roommate, or any family in the church who had an upstairs apartment they were willing to rent. I am really not that particular, although it would be helpful if the room was furnished. I will be calling around some other places I found out about when I visited the seminary." I'll pass word on to him, if you can help.


Blogger Suzanne said...

There are quite a few people connected to TCU who are looking for roommates/people to live with them. Maybe Chun or Jonathan Olsen can help hook him up with someone. (I know there is a space at the Catherine house; Eric just got married and moved out so they're looking for a new house-mate there.)

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