Tuesday, June 26, 2007

News from Ukraine

Jim Hala reports that yesterday was full of adventure. The Westminster Brass gave a Master Class and then went with the choir to visit a 13th century fortress. Jim stopped at a certain spot and watched while Kim Dengler and Sarah Childress climbed out onto a "steep and dangerous place". The people of Belgorod loved the Tenth choir and the brass.

Today Jim helped in a soup kitchen, serving poor people and others who were professional artists or singers but have no pension. Jim says the food tastes as good as his grandmother's (who came from that part of the world). The hotel is comfortable, but not air conditioned. Showers are hand-held while standing in a small tub. It's hot, but they are being careful to drink plenty of water.


Blogger SEC said...

Actually, it was Laurissa Backlin and me. My Mom is happy to know that we are ok. And, yes, we got some cool pictures up there!

Thanks everyone for praying! (Sarah)

11:29 AM  

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